CCD Video Surveillance

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Every day millions of dollars in valuable company assets vanish from all around the United States. Many organizations operate under the flawed notion that most of these thefts take place in high- crime areas. They couldn’t be more wrong. Company thefts occur wherever there are people, and one of the main inciters of these crimes, is a company with a weak, or non-existent video surveillance system. Every study that has been conducted focused on determining the effects of video cameras in the workplace reveals that employees act quite differently when they know each of their actions are being recorded by a video surveillance security system.

For over 25 years, Arrow Security has been installing and managing the most revolutionary video surveillance systems for some of the country’s most renowned companies. As the technology has evolved, Arrow Security has stayed at the forefront of innovation, with cutting-edge video security solutions that keep our customers’ assets and employees safe and sound.

The latest electronic surveillance solutions have smaller physical footprints, are easier to use, more affordable and come with many more features. Whether you need indoor or outdoor cameras, CCTV or DVR cameras, or motion activated or fixed position cameras, Arrow Security can deliver the right video surveillance system for your organization.

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