Security Management

Safe, Secure, Service

Is your firm bidding out security services to one or more vendors in an effort to focus more on your core competencies and to standardize terms and pricing over districts, regions or states? Arrow’s security management service enables you to set the criteria and the pricing-and to leave the management to us. Security management is a smart strategy, providing you with consistently high levels of quality, response and service across your organization-while also reducing your liability risks and saving you money. As your organization’s security manager, Arrow Security:

  • Writes and reviews RFPs, service agreements, job descriptions, training programs and more
  • Locates and qualifies potential security guards or contract vendors
  • Acts as your single point of contact for all security-related operations
  • Manages your security program from end-to-end, from implementation to billing to insurance compliance and training
  • Replaces vendors as needed
  • Manages your security program so you don’t have to

Security as Strategy is Security as an Asset.

Arrow Security understands that security, like insurance, is often perceived as a necessary function. But we know better. Our experienced security industry professionals can help your organization realize the benefits of positioning security as a risk reduction tool and asset. As your security management partner, we help you proactively achieve efficiencies that result in bottom-line savings.

Ties to the Insurance Industry gives you a Premium-Lowering Advantage.

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